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Columbia Sportswear Company - one of the largest producers of professional clothing in the world offers a unique collection. The undisputed protagonist of this collection is the Omni-Heat technology, an innovative group of technological solutions designed to maintain heat during outdoor activities. Black Heat Thermal Reflective - helps regulate the temperature by reflecting and retaining heat produced by the body, while allowing moisture to drain away a sense of comfort. This innovative technology provides 20% more thermal insulation, while maintaining a high level of air and moisture permeability. This is possible thanks to a liner with a "matrix" of aluminum dots reflecting heat. When it is cold, the dots reflect body heat, maintaining its temperature On the other hand, when the body is warmed up and you start to sweat increasing humidity, the dots, thanks to the high level of heat conduction through aluminum, dissipate its excess. At the same time, the lining allows the air to circulate and drainage of moisture to the outside. The same lining acts as a thermostat regulating the temperature.