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Columbia products are of the highest quality, recognition on the international market due to their high quality, durability, functionality, design and use in the production of the most advanced technologies. The cooperation is based on direct agreements with selected stores throughout Poland. Columbia Sportswear for the winter offers clothes and shoes stuffed with modern technologies, thanks to which our children will not be cold or wet during the game. In spring and summer, Columbia offers an offer also for children. During the summer activity, our children need protection in addition to convenience. Columbia, to meet the needs of children, offers clothing made using the latest technologies that provide protection against sun and rain. The choice of good quality clothing is of great importance to ensure your comfort during hiking in diverse conditions. Childhood is a great time! Playing outdoors, discovering the world or simply enjoying the fresh air - everything can be the start of an exciting adventure. Children can carelessly give themselves to play, if their parents provide them with adequate protection against cold, rain and other weather conditions. Clothes available in our store offer children protection against all weather conditions, and outdoor shoes will protect your feet against cold and moisture. We offer jackets, fleece, footwear, T-shirts. Proper preparation is a guarantee of successful trips to the bosom of nature! Discover the world together with your child!