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Each item sent includes a receipt or VAT invoice, which is a proof of purchase.
At any time, you can access your account to see what happens to your order.
The package's departure information from our warehouse together with the bill of lading number is sent to each customer by e-mail. Once you receive this email, you should expect to receive the next day delivery. By typing the shipping letter number on the FedEx courier website, you can see where the package is at the moment.




    EUROPE - 12 Euro

     Belarus - 30 Euro

       Serbia   -  30 Euro

       Ukraine - 12 Euro

       Russia  -  30 Euro

       Turkey  -  20 Euro

 Australia               35 Euro   United States of America    25 Euro   Japan            40 Euro 
 New Zealand        35 Euro   Canada                                 25 Euro    Korea                 35 Euro 
     Uruguay            40 Euro 
     Argentina          35 Euro 

Delivery time 6 - 9 days

We reserve the right to refuse the order, in the case of lack of availability of goods (we contact within 2 working days of the order). Please provide a phone number,


Product cost includes taxes and duties.