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Women's Northfinder MONROE-Yellow

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You can't replace a simple fleece sweatshirt with anything in the wardrobe. An ideal piece for the transition periods between winter and summer. If it rains, you cover it with a harshell and move on. It offers stable insulation performance, is breathable, dries quickly, is universal and has a long service life. It is most often worn as a second - insulating layer. In the transition period also as a top layer. The full-zip women's sweatshirt with a stand-up collar was designed in a classic cut with shaped sleeves and an adjustable bottom edge. The guarantee of functionality and quality is a fleece knit with a high degree of protection against clumping. The perfect upright collar has a sew covered with tape. The sleeves have elastic hems that are pleasant to fix on the forearms. You can transfer small items in the side zip pockets. And we laser-cut the sleeve pocket and glue it without sewing. You will hide anything you need to have in your inner mesh pockets. The verified cut highlights women's curves. Tested functional material guarantees functionality. And years of experience and improvements give the fleece sweatshirt a strong story.

  • Thin women's flicting sweatshirt is the foundation of sports elegance
  • Fits on chat, for hiking, for every free moment in nature
  • A year-round usable thermal insulation layer with excellent breathability and long life highlighting the character We drag the sweatshirt from a verified fine twin flip
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