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The North Face



The history of the brand begins in America in 1966. The first store in San Francisco was founded by Douglas Tompkins and his wife Susie. The brand's goal is to strive to open new, interesting opportunities both by creating unique clothing and equipment that allows you to comfortably reach hitherto unknown places, as well as by sponsoring expeditionary expeditions, involving the discovery of new opportunities for sports.

The North Face brand name

Translation of the brand name means "northern slope (mountains)", which is the most difficult to overcome and the most demanding slopes. Pursuant to this assumption, the brand's products help athletes to gain places that until now have been considered unconquered.

The North Face products

The wide offer of The North Face brand allows all sports enthusiasts and people who care about choosing high-quality comfortable clothing to find clothing tailored to their needs. Innovative high-quality materials, modern aesthetic designs and attention to detail make the brand's products work great even in the toughest conditions. The brand is committed to creating high quality products, The North Face has prepared a large selection of products, so choosing one that will be tailored to our needs is not a problem.

- Jackets and outerwear in The North Face's offer - Depending on the type of sport and weather conditions, jackets are one of the most important clothing items for people who care about outdoor sports.
- Softshelle in The North Face offer - necessary during summer mountain expeditions or jogging. Softshell jackets are very popular among athletes as well as for everyday use as a convenient alternative to traditional jackets.
- Down jackets in The North Face offer - perfectly protect against cold and cold, providing thermal comfort at the appropriate level; especially needed in the winter months, as well as during winter sports: skiing, snowboarding and winter tourism.
- Fleeces in The North Face offer - pleasant to the touch, useful during winter sports, as an additional insulating layer under the jacket or as an independent outer coat when playing sports in warmer conditions. Comfortable also in everyday use, due to the provision of thermal comfort.

The North Face brand offers a large selection of products, so choosing one that will suit your needs is not a problem.

- Pants - The North Face's offer includes both long and short pants, made of various materials, suitable for various sports, useful during camping or hiking. Both women and men will find attractive models.