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Browse the range of Caterpillar shoes and you will definitely find something for yourself! Caterpillar is from the world of industry and action. A world where you can build whatever you want. A world in which effort is everything, and hard work is the only way to the top. Caterpillar creates machines that move the Earth. Cat Footwear, the Caterpillar baby brand, creates shoes that will awaken the revolutionary in each of us. What initially was meant to be only a small collection of work footwear has now grown into a global lifestyle brand that offers casual, outdoor and fashion lines for women, men and children in over 150 countries. Cat Footwear is a brand based on real heritage. Inspired by hard work and the challenges of everyday life, they create footwear whose use is pure pleasure. The quality of Caterpillar footwear can not be faulted - their performance and durability are in a class of their own. The footwear market and growing customer requirements, however, impose on companies the need to constantly improve the products offered. Cat Footwear does not stand out on this level from other world-class brands. In 2004, the company patented iTechnology technology combining the durability of work shoes with the convenience and aesthetics of sports shoes. To this day, it is one of the most important leading technologies used in Caterpillar footwear. It is thanks to her that these shoes have become a hit of streetwear stylization and an inseparable element of the winter wardrobe of millions of people around the world.